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The Real (Andre' Murrill) is an American singer, musician, actor, choreographer, producer, and registed BMI SONGWRITER/COMPOSER. Also a member of the newly signed family group called The Murrills(Quiet Water Entertainment/Verity Records)

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​​​​​​​​​​​​Andre Murrill is best known for his incredible gift to play every instrument and the ability to help young people use their gifts and talents for the glory of God.

He is the owner of the indie label Messenger Productions Universal Records and Messenger Productions Christian Arts Center.

You can see Andre' on:
Adventures of Young Indiana Jones, Chapter 20 - Mystery of the Blues (1993) (I co-starred as Artie- a trumpet player in the Sidney Bechet band) Starring: Sean Patrick Flanery, Harrison Ford Director: Sydney Macartney, Peter MacDonald. Indy reminisces about his days in 1920'S Chicago, and the day he crossed paths with jazz great Sidney Bechet and cutthroat gangster Al Capone. Rating: - one of the best young indy movies! this is a very good indy story, and it even has a special appearance by Harrison Ford. The movie is the story he tells to an indian guy about when he learned to play the saxophone. A good story with a part about jazz where indy joins up with Sydney Bechet.
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Stompin'At the Savoy-produced by Debbie Allen (not currently on home video)
Originally aired on CBS in 1992, Stompin' at the Savoy was produced and directed by Broadway choreographer and actress Debbie Allen.

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